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look, all this aye carumba! talking, we could have had ellie kemper here. what the hell is wrong with you? anyway, ellie will be here on wednesday. good night, everybody. good night. captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,, ????????ñ
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ah, focus group. so what are we testing here? that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich., oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern.
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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. n riskier lives lost and homes destroyed, the latest on the san bruno blast and where in the bay area there is even a riskier pipeline. the scramble for safety when the ground rumbled. surveillance cameras reveal people's reactions seconds after that huge blast. >> it makes mar parking look like a piece -- parallel parking look like a piece of cake. the munchies are certainly going to be part of the experience. >> and medicinal marijuana in an all new delivery method, how you can get munchies and cure them at the same time. the san bruno blast. this good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. new video of the san bruno blast. this is from a gas station
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surveillance camera. it shows the huge fireball erupting down the street and at one point a woman is holding what appears to be a small child. she is running away from those flames. and a store security camera captures these images as the powerful explosion roars through the neighborhood. customers and workers at lunardi supermarket appear stunned by the sound just blocks away. some hit the ground. others run for the doors 'one man lost his footing as he scrambled to get out of the building. their reaction, not surprising since the blast carried the force of a 1.3 earthquake. >> well, that pipeline that exploded was pipeline no. 132 and it turns out pg&e had flagged line 132 as having a "unacceptably high risk of failure." joe vazquez on what the feds and pg&e have to say about all
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of this. we're at the church of the highlands where federal, state and city leaders had a chance to meet with the public at yet again another town hall meeting and the folks of san bruno, as you might imagine, had a lot of questions and among them they wonder to what degree did pg&e realize pipeline 132 was putting peoples' lives at risk. just as san bruno victims are slowly getting back to what's left of their homes, federal authorities are trying to piece together what caused thursday's massive explosion. one possibility they're examining, a 2009 pg&e document that claims a nearby section of that ruptured gas line pipeline 132 was determined to be in the top 100 highest risk line sections in pg&e's service territory. the paperwork submitted to state regulators referred to a section of the pipeline that is 2 1/2 miles north of the blast site in south san francisco. the plan was to spend $5 million in 2012 to fix it according to the document which
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warned, "the likelihood of a failure make the risk of a failure at this location unacceptably eye." does that high risk mean p -- high." does that high risk mean pg&e knew the pipeline could rupture? not necessarily says that official saying it means it was damaged. >> my understanding is it refers to a high consequence area and a high consequence area say definition in pipeline regulatory terms, the definition that relates to population density and not to the strength or integrity of the pipe. >> reporter: are the folks in south san francisco who are over this pipeline, this city, are they in some danger or risk? >> well, we have thoroughly leak surveyed all of our gas transmission facilities up and down the peninsula and it checked out safe. >> reporter: i mentioned that pipeline 132 in pg&e's assessment anyway is one of the
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top 100 at risk. now according to the l.a. times, the most at risk in the bay area is actually a pipeline that runs from livermore so sunol. i want to show you -- to sunol. i want to show you some video tonight. people are smelling gas. this is in the allum rock neighborhood. a man said he smelled gas. a crew went out from pg&e and they found a small amount of natural gas in the area. they pulled that resident there and are taking care of it. bottom line, as much as pg and is saying risk just means -- pg&e is saying risk just means they're putting a pipeline through a heavily populated area, to a lot of folks, that means risk and they want answers. they want maps, for example, made public of where these pipelines are. at this point they are not accessible to the public. pg&e says that's due to security reasons. >> sounds like semantics to most people, joe. people know what they saw last
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week and had he don't want it happening in their neighborhood, got -- and they don't want it happening in their neighborhood, bottom line. >> pg&e is taking a step towards repairing its image. it's giving each household in the disaster zone up to $50,000, no strings attached. >> it's theirs to use in any way shape or form they want. we will not ask them and will not ask them to sign any releases when they accept that. p-g and-e has filed papers w the st >> it is all part of a $100 million fund to help families. pg&e filed papers with the state saying it has a billion dollars in liability insurance if it's found to be responsible for the explosion. people whose homes survived the blast have been allowed to go back home, but for those whose homes were red tagged the closest they got was a bus tour through the neighborhood today. police escorted them into the area, but all they could do was, well, look out those windows at what was left. another group of residents will >> i saw the big crater and
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then i saw our house and other people's houses. there were several houses that were fine, several that weren't. it was a mess. >> another group of residents will take the tour tomorrow. elizabeth torres says his mom four days after the disaster and it is still not clear how many people died. the son of 81-year-old elizabeth torres says his mom died, but the coroner hasn't confirmed that. the only victims identified so far are jackie grieg and her 13- year-old daughter gentleman necessary a and 20-year-old -- janessa and a 20-year-old daughter morales. the city told cbs5 today the number missing is three. investigators say a lot of it is because physical evidence of people is hard to come by. >> we have several residents that were -- residences that were destroyed and leveled to the ground. what we have to do and have been doing is matching up those residences that we know are
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accounted for -- residents that we know are accounted for, a live and well and healthy to those homes. >> at least eight people remain hospitalized. now we have more information on the pipeline investigation, raw video of the explosion and aftermath and information on how to help. it's at berkeley has left a 35 year old chilean man dead. checking headlines around the bay area for you tonight, a mugging early sunday in berkeley left a 35-year-old chilean man dead. adolf owe ignacio seladon of walking home with his fiancee where they were brutally attacked near emerson and ad line. he was shot and his girl friend punched in the face. the two male suspects got away. the victim died on his birthday. all charges dropped from a mom whose 2-year-old was found more than a mile from home. she was charged with child
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endangerment after she told the police she'd been drinking tequila when her daughter disappeared last june. the sonoma county d.a. said the new evidence explains why she didn't realize the toddler was sleeping since the toddler often slept in another room with her baby-sitter. the doors are finally closing at a san francisco sandwich shop but not before a big sendoff. ike's place on 16th street in the castro will close at midnight. ike's faced eviction after the landlord and neighbors complained about the crowds of customers. four members of a local charity are out of an african jail tonight, but they can't come home. police in zimbabwe arrested them in the capital city friday. robert lyles reports that this charity has a long history of helping kids with aids. >> reporter: did dr. jones tell you where he was going and what their effort were? >> oh, yeah. it's always the same. it's the children. >> reporter: george raymond said dr. anthony jones had just one destination in mind when he
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left oakland for zimbabwe last week. >> mother of peace catholic orphanage. >> reporter: home to 160 orphans. more than a decade dr. robert scott and oakland's allen temple aids ministries has collected volunteers and the most importanted donated goods. >> bringing enough drugs to help the kid. >> reporter: but taking hiv aids drugs to zimbabwe has landed dr. jones along with two nurses and a community health worker in a zimbabwe jail accused of practicing without a license. >> oh, my god, i was so shocked. >> reporter: he believes the zimbabwe government is feeling political weak. >> the americans are doing this for our people. we're not doing anything. >> reporter: but flexing political might he says, arresting the medical workers, then releasing them on $200 bail today but taking their pass reports. he feels this will have a chilling effect on bay area
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volunteers. >> obviously they're not going to probably want to take a chance being arrested. >> reporter: fearing this could become an international event representatives of the allen tempe aren't commenting, but can i tell you the church and a zimbabwe attorney it are feverishly working to get those health -- attorney are feverishly working to get those health workers passports this week. a campaign quagmire for jerry brown, an attack ad from his opponent resulting in an apology to an ex-president. why the democratic candidate is telling bill clinton he's sorry. drivers... there might be some fender benders initially. >> a perilous parking solution in the east bay, where one city is endangering drives to make things safer for bicyclists. cream. pot brownies, that's so '60s. where you can now get your medical marijuana infused in ice cream.
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well, more than a decade after the fact the lewinsky scandal is apparently no laughing matter. at least jerry brown had learned that the hard way. debate that's no >> he doesn't tell the people the truth. >> that's president clinton attacking brown in 1992. the primary debate is now the centerpiece of an ad being run by brown's republican rival meg whitman. in response to that ad brown
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joked that clinton wasn't always truthful himself alluding to lewinsky. well, today brown called the president and apologized, former president, saying that it was wrong to make light of that incident. new parking policy. drivers have to bac agonally. it meanwhile freemont city hall mandated a new parking policy. drives have to back in and -- drivers have to back in and park diagonally. they say it's a lot safer that way, but as kiet do reports, it's already causing a lot of problems. >> reporter: in freemont it's simple, unorthodox and it just might work. diagonal parking spaces that you have to back into. >> you make it look so easy. >> it is. >> reporter: the city has put in a few dozen of them on capitol avenue in front of city hall as part of a pilot program to maximize both parking and bike safety. why not parallel parking? well, it takes up too much length. perpendicular parking takes up too much width and head first diagonal parking? too dangerous for bikers.
1:54 am
the law does not allow bike lanes because drivers can see cyclists when they back out. how hard is it to park in reverse? let me just say it's going to take some practice. >> i should turn to back in. people may not expect you to back into a diagonal parking. so there might be some fender benders initially. >> reporter: city engineer norm hughes gave us a demonstration when all of a sudden the driver behind him got confused, hit the brakes and started honking. hughes said this is all new and drivers will learn eventually. >> this doesn't exist in downtown freemont and probably was wondering why i was doing that in a street where there was so much room. >> reporter: you think that will change over time? >> that's our hope. >> reporter: the city of freemont trying to move urban planning forward by going backward. kiet do, cbs5. a group of law enforcers is getting behind the proposition that would legalize
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recreational pot usage. oakland city attorney john russo and former police officer nate practicedly spoke in support of the measure. dozens of other cops and d. it a.s have signed on as well. they believe the move will help reduce gang violence and give police more time to deal with violent crime. . and now you can buy medically infused marijuana in ice cream at a santa cruz shop. the makers say one bite is equivalent to four or five hits off of a really good joint. it's also infused with more fat and calories have may have some additional side effects. >> you're definitely going to be going back for seconds and the munchies are certainly going to be probably part of the experience, but really just depends on the individual and how they receive the plant. >> dude, it's also pricey. a half pint goes for $15.
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flavors are from banana foster and straw marie cheesecake. you have to have a medical marijuana card to buy it, of course, and you can't eat it on the premises. so bring a spoon or a straw. set >> remember all the stories we've run about high fat foods like ice creams and how smoking is bad for you. >> this is a two fer. >> walk into your kitchen and there's somebody with a whole thing sitting down. >> i don't have to be high to do that. >> okay there. you go. take a look at tonight, temperatures across the bay area already into the 50s after highs today, 61 san francisco, 78 degrees in morgan hill. now out the door tomorrow what you can bank on mostly cloudy skies from the coast to the bay to our inland areas. looks like the winds pick up during the afternoon hours. what's so different about this than yesterday is the leading edge of the low clouds and fog extending all the way into the ultimate path. today we have the mid and high
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level clouds on top of that. watch this right there, boom, right across the bay area. that was a trough and that brought down our temperatures in comparison to sunday. now we've got this area of low pressure falling apart at the seams, but nevertheless it's a pool of cool air mass with our temperatures still averaging anywhere between eight and 12 degrees below normal. we'll pinpoint your neighborhood forecast kick starting with the coast, peninsula and into the santa clara valley, 73 degrees in cupertino, 70 in mountain view and the westerlies 15 late day and occasional gusts up to 20, east bay numbers 76 in richmond to 81 degrees in brentwood, a pair of seven's in livermore, partial clearing at stinson beach, mid-70s in sonoma and napa. the extended cbs five-day forecast calls for -- well, look at it. it looks kind of stagnant, but thursday actually warms a little and this gets
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where did all the oil go? now, it's been a mystery for months since the gulf oil disaster. where did all the oil go? well, now some researchers from the university of georgia say that they found a lot of it lying on the ocean floor. it's a mile down and stretching some 80 miles from where the well had blew last april. research vessel found a blanket about 2 inches thick underneath a layer of dead marine life. one scientist said that they expected to find oil on the sea floor. they just didn't expect to find so much of it. what's in the waters around here? that's part of tonight's good question. are there any shipwrecks in or around san francisco bay?
2:01 am
>> reporter: the san francisco bay has a reputation as one of the most beautiful ports in the world and historically one of the most dangerous. >> the worst loss of life was a passenger ship, the city of rio dejaneiro. it went into the ledge at ft. point and about 125 people drowned. >> reporter: historians tell us that these treacherous waters of the golden gate claimed at least 300 ships since the gold rush. the remnants of at least two can still be seen. >> the lineman stork went down first. in fact, that's the elongated funny looking rock you see out there. that's not actually a rock. that's the inland block. >> reporter: richard hart said the lineman was lost in the bay and was broadsided by another ship and went aground in 1922. 15 years later it was the frank buck that hit a passenger ship
2:02 am
head on and almost was at the same spot. >> those two sister ships lay this side by side for over a year until finally somebody figured out that having two wrecked ships along the golden gate was probably bad for the morale of other ships there. so they blew them both up and this is all that remains now. >> reporter: i need your good question. send them to me at the giants had a chance to take first place without even playing a baseball game. i'm dennis o'donnell and could rafael nadal finally, finally win the u.s. open? win the u.s. open? the answer is next. i started with a free trial membership and i was hooked! [ male announcer ] now, with netflix, you can watch tv episodes and movies instantly with the three leading video game systems or other devices. watching instantly is so easy! you just click it and bam... it's right there. [ male announcer ] netflix. unlimited streaming to your tv over the internet -- plus unlimited dvds by mail for only nine bucks a month. netflix lets me watch what i want when i want.
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since..rafael nadal was trying to do it today. in 1969 rod label won the u.s. open, french open and wimbledon in the same year. no one had done it since. rafael nadal was trying to do it tonight. his opponent djokovic won a set, but you'd never know by that reak. anyway they resumed. reaction. anyway, they resumed. that was after a two hour rain delay. how about that. four set match point. djokovic sails the return wide and finally rafael nadal has won his first u.s. open titles to complete a career grand slam. roger federer better check the rear view mirror.
2:06 am
nadal at 24 years old now has nine career majors to federer's 16. you know the expression an eye for an eye? tonight was a football for a football. the jets down one to baltimore 4th and 10. dustin keller trying to keep hope alive, but look, he was 1/2-yard short of the 1st down marker. chiefs hosting the chargers, 2nd quarter dexter mccluster 94 yards the differencemaker, chiefs with a huge upset at arrowhead 21-14. baseball, the rockies winners of 10 straight on the ropes against san diego tonight. oscar salazar hits a 96 mile- per-hour fastball. that's a little insurance. padres beat the rockies 6-4, but with that victory the giants now fall a half game back in the west. the rockies fall 2 1/2 back, dodgers at at&t tomorrow for the first of three. audi kraemer was a math teacher a few years ago. today the a's gave him his first big league shot and how
2:07 am
about this equation, 1 one run at 5 1/3, the oldest a's pitcher to make a debut since 1945. you do the math and he gets a victory. watch this, he cut his math class today for that. just doesn't add up. i have the monday night top five. back to monday night football, anyone for an ice cream sandwich? shaun ellis with the blind side sack on joe flacco. more food later. no. 4, what's the best way to get back at your boss? shane victorino loses his bat and his skipper charlie manuel has to bail out. at no. 3 same game victorino with the play it again. mike stein ton robs him of a base hit. just -- stein ton robs him of a base hit, just wasn't his night. no. 2, anyone for a pancake? ray lewis takes out justin keller. no. 1 play, adam jones can work and blow bubbles with the best of
2:08 am
them. watch him take away a hit from lyle overbay but watch what's in his mouth as he's taking care of business. that is impressive and the early ons win in 11. >> -- and the orioles ,,,,,,,,,,
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